​Liquor licence freezes

A temporary liquor licence freeze applies in the Sydney CBD Entertainment precinct (PDF, 1.4MB). 

The freeze bans the granting of most new liquor licences. It also means that some existing licensed venues in the precinct cannot expand their trading hours or increase their patron capacity.

The freeze in the Sydney CBD Entertainment pr​ecinct has been extended until 1 June 2018.​

How long does the freeze last?

The liquor licence freeze is in force in the Sydney CBD Entertainment precinct until 1 June 2018.

The freeze in the Kings Cross precinct​ (PDF, 267KB)​ is yet to be extended, however on 8 December 2016 the NSW Government proposed to extend the freeze until 1 June 2018. This requires the passage of legislation to be presented ​​to Parliament in early 2017.​​​

Which liquor licences are banned?

The freeze prevents the following types of new liquor licences from being granted.

  • Hotel
  • General bar
  • Club
  • Producer/wholesaler
  • Packaged liquor
  • On-premises licences for public entertainment venues (e.g. nightclubs)

Other aspects of the freeze

The freeze prevents permanent extensions of trading hours and restaurants from getting a primary service authorisation.

The freeze also prevents the approval of approving the following applications if it will increase the number of people entering a precinct to drink alcohol or increase the patron capacity of a li​censed premises:

  • an on-premises licence (other than a public entertainment venue)
  • an extension of trading hours
  • a variation or cancellation of licence conditions
  • a change in the boundaries of the licensed premises

The freeze also applies to development consents from the City of Sydney Council – if the consent is needed for development for which an application under the Liquor Act cannot be approved because of the freeze.

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