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Special Employee Licensing

    Special employees must be licensed in order to work in a casino in NSW. A special employee is defined in the Casino Control Act 1992 as a person who is:

    (a) employed or working in a casino in a managerial capacity or who is authorised to make decisions, involving the exercise of his or her discretion, that regulate operations in a casino; or

    (b) employed or working in a casino in any capacity relating to any of the following activities:

    • the conduct of gaming; 
    • the movement of money or chips about the casino; 
    • the exchange of money or chips to patrons in the casino; 
    • the counting of money or chips in the casino; 
    • the operation, maintenance, construction or repair of gaming equipment;
    • the supervision of any of the above activities; 
    • casino security; 
    • any other activity relating to operations in the casino that is prescribed by the regulations under the Act; or

    (c) a person who has a special relationship with a casino and who is directed (pursuant to section 47 of the Act) to apply for a special employee licence.

    Applying for a Casino Special Employee licence

    To be eligible to apply for a Casino Special Employee licence you must have an offer of employment from The Star.

    Before applying for this licence you will be required to undergo a police check and fingerprinting; supply personal and financial information; and be interviewed by an officer from Liquor & Gaming NSW.

    Other information to be supplied with the completed application includes:

    • birth certificate
    • current passport or refugee certificate or naturalisation certificate 
    • evidence of any name change 
    • details of any arrests, detentions or litigation
    • residential addresses for the preceding five years
    • details of previous employment and statement of assets and liabilities.

    To apply, you will need to make an appointment with The Star's licensing team and they will assist you to complete the Special Employee Licence Application (PDF, 587KB).

    ​Renewal of a Casino Special Employee licence

    A casino special employee licence is valid for five years from the original date of grant of the licence.

    Approximately two months before your licence is due to expire, Liquor & Gaming NSW will send you a notification that explains the process for renewing your licence. If you do not receive this notification, it may be because you have not notified L&GNSW of your change of address. You can renew your existing Casino Special Employee licence by completing the Special Employee Licence Renewal Application (PDF, 308KB).

    Lodgement of the renewal form

    To lodge your application you must first make an appointment for a lodgement interview with L&GNSW through The Star's Licensing team before attending the office of L&GNSW.

    When lodging your form, you will be asked about the information contained in your application and the supporting documents that you are required to provide.

    A new photograph will be taken so you can be issued with a new licence. However, your licence will not be renewed until your application has been assessed.

    The renewal process

    The investigation into your continued suitability to hold a Casino Special Employee Licence will commence when the renewal application is lodged. The results of the investigation may result in L&GNSW requiring further information from you, this can be either through an interview or a written notice requiring further supporting documentation.

    On completion of the investigation you will be notified in writing of L&GNSW's decision with regard to the renewal of the Casino Special Employee Licence.

    If you do not provide all required supporting documentation for the renewal of a Casino Special Employee Licence L&GNSW will not accept the application. This may result in the licence expiring if the application is not lodged prior to the expiry date. 

    L&GNSW will only accept lodgement of the application for renewal in person. For more information, call 02 9995 0300.

    If you have any questions about Casino Special Employee Licences please contact L&GNSW's licensing team on 02 9842 8017 or email us at: