Objects and Functions

Casino Regulation in New South Wales

The Casino Control Act 1992 regulates the operation of casinos in NSW.

Statutory Objects

L&GNSW, together with the Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority (ILGA), is responsible for maintaining and administering systems for the licensing, supervision and control of a casino to:

  • ensure that the management and operation of the casino remains free from criminal influence or exploitation;
  • ensure that gaming in the casino is conducted honestly;
  • contain and control the potential of a casino to cause harm to the public interest and to individuals and families.


ILGA has the following specific functions:

At the direction of the Minister, to invite expressions of interest for the establishment and operation of casinos and applications for casino licences and to consider and determine those applications,

  • to consider and determine applications for other licences under this Act,
  • to keep under constant review all matters connected with casinos and the activities of casino operators, persons associated with casino operators, and persons who are in a position to exercise direct or indirect control over the casino operators or persons associated with casino operators,
  • to advise the Minister on matters relating to the administration of this Act,
  • to approve the games to be played in a casino and the rules under which such games are played,
  • to approve gaming equipment for use in a casino,
  • to approve the operating times of a casino.