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Paying your annual fee

Licensees who failed to reinstate their licence and pay their outstanding liquor licence fee (including late payment fee and $250 reinstatement application fee) by Monday 18 September, have now had their licence permanently cancelled. These licences cannot be reinstated.

You cannot sell or supply alcohol, or operate gaming machines at the venue, if your liquor licence is cancelled and if you do, significant penalties will apply.

Any gaming machine entitlements held in respect of a cancelled liquor licence can be transferred within the period of 12 months immediately following the cancellation of the licence, or within a further 12 month period, subject to a levy of $500 per entitlement being paid to the Secretary. Otherwise, the remaining entitlements are forfeited to the Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority.

You have to apply for a new liquor licence if you wish to sell or supply alcohol.

Note: Licensees that are permitted to trade after midnight (including vessels) can reduce their annual liquor licence fee by applying for an occasional extended trading condition (OETC) to be imposed on their licence. 

Applications for the 2018 occasional extended trading condition (OETC) will open in October 2017

Read more about OETC here.

Have your contact details changed?

It's important to tell us if you've changed your contact details, so we can send you payment notices and reminders about your liquor licence fee.

You can update your contact details online here, or you can call us on 1300 024 720. 

Reinstate your cancelled licence

Licensees can apply to the Secretary of the NSW Department of Industry for a reinstatement of their licence. The outstanding fee (including late payment fee) plus an application fee of $250 is payable to reinstate the cancelled licence. 

The Secretary may waive or refund all or part of the fee for a reinstatement of a cancelled licence in any circumstances that the Secretary considers appropriate.

The reinstatement application period closed on Monday, 18 September 2017. 

Late payment fee waiver

Licensees could apply to the Secretary of the NSW Department of Industry to have all or part of a late payment fee waived or refunded under exceptional circumstances. 

The late payment fee waiver application period closed on Monday 24 July 2017. 

Fee reassessment

Did you know you can apply for a fee reassessment if you think an error has been made in the calculation of your liquor licence fee? 

You can apply to the Secretary for a re-assessment. Liquor & Gaming NSW will make a decision regarding your application and you will be advised via email of the outcome. 

The fee reassessment application period closed on Monday 24 July 2017.  

Fee waivers

If you're suffering from financial hardship and are concerned you won't be able to pay your 2017 annual liquor licence fee, you can apply to have all, or part, of your fee waived. 

The fee waiver application period closed on Monday 22 May 2017.