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​Manager approval and appointment

A corporation may hold a liquor licence just as an individual can. However, the corporate licensee must appoint an approved manager to the licensed premises.

There is a two-step process of approval and appointment with Liquor & Gaming NSW. L&GNSW accepts all applications on behalf of ILGA.

Step 1 - Approval of manager

We will need to determine that the proposed approved manager is a fit and proper person for the role.


There is a fee of $100 for this application.

Online application

You will need

To complete the online form you will need to provide the following  in the form:

Online submissions receive a 10% discount off processing fees.

Complete online appro​val of manager form​.

Paper based application

Applications can also be made offline by completing the approved manager application form (PDF, 127 KB).

Step 2 - Appointment of manager

Submit a notification form for an approved person to be appointed manager of a licensed premises held under a corporate licence.

Online application

You will need

If completed by an Approved ManagerIf completed by an Organisation or other party


Read Declaration types explained for details on each declaration required.


There is no fee for this application.

Paper based application

Download AM0200 Appointment of manager notice form (PDF, 736​​KB) and lodge with Liquor & Gaming NSW.

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Application forms:

Approved manager approval (PDF, 127KB)
AM0200 Appointment of manager notice (PDF, 736KB)