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​Frequently asked questions about RSA and competency cards

Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions we get about Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA), the competency card and the interim certificate.

If you help, contact us on 1300 024 720, Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm, email or visit our office at Level 6, 323 Castlereagh Street, Haymarket NSW 2000. 


    How much does the card cost?

    The cost of the card is included in the cost of the course you attend. The cost of first-time RSA and RCG courses vary between different training organisations.

    A digital competency card is free. After completing a course, set up your digital licence via the Service NSW app from iTunes or Google Play.

    How much does it cost to get a replacement interim certificate?

    Interim certificates are issued by the RTOs where training was undertaken. There is no fee for a replacement interim certificate.

    Changes to competency cards

    The details on my card are wrong

    If your name has changed, you need a new competency card issued in that name.

    Use the CC0500 Replacement RSA/RCG competency card form (PDF, 693KB) and email it to us at The replacement card will cost $30.

    Once your details have been changed your digital card will automatically be updated.

    Read the RSA/RCG Competency Card fact sheet​ for more information.

    I’ve moved. Do I need to tell someone?

    Yes. Use the competency card self service online portal to update your contact details as soon as possible.

    If you have a digital competency card, you can update your details within the Service NSW App.

    If you can’t update your details online, you can complete a paper form and email it to us at 

    I already have one competency and want to add another. What do I do?

    You need to complete a training course with a training organisation who is approved to deliver a NSW RSA or RCG course. 

    Once you have passed your course, you will receive an interim certificate and a new card will be posted to your nominated address within four weeks. You don’t need to visit a Service NSW Service Centre or have another photo taken. 

    If you have a digital competency card, your new competency will automatically be added to it. 

    I want to add privacy training to my card. What do I do?

    To add Privacy endorsement to your card to work with ID scanners, first complete the privacy training course and then apply online.

    If you cannot apply online, use the CC0550 Existing RSA competency card: add privacy endorsement form (PDF, 689KB). It will cost $30 to get the new card. 

    Be aware that the interim certificate for Privacy training is only valid for 28 days. While waiting for your new card, you need to carry your existing card and the privacy interim certificate. If you’re caught working without them, you may get a fine.

    Card issue and replacement

    I've lost my card or my card was stolen. What do I do?

    Report it to the police and apply for a replacement online.

    You can also access a free digital version of your competency card through the Service NSW App. Visit Service NSW for more information.

    If you can’t replace your card online, you can complete a paper form and email it to us at

    It will cost $30 to get a new card.

    Where's my card? It hasn't arrived in the mail.

    If you have already applied for your card at a Service NSW Service Centre, your card can take up to four weeks to be delivered by post.

    If you have moved or your address is not correct on your interim certificate, the card may not reach you.

    If it hasn't arrived, phone 1300 024 720 or email  

    I haven't received my card yet - can I still work?

    Yes, you can work using your interim certificate for 90 days from the date you completed your course.

    If you have applied for your card at Service NSW, you can also access a free digital version of your competency card through the Service NSW App. Visit Service NSW for more information.

    Expiry & renewal

    ​​​My card's about to expire. How do I renew it? 

    You can only renew your card online through Liquor & Gaming NSW.

    Renewing your card involves completing online refresher training and paying a $35 renewal fee.

    Reminder notices start 90 days before your card is due to expire. Reminders are sent by SMS and email with the information you need to renew before your card expires. Check your contact details to make sure you receive these important reminders.

    If you have a digital competency card, it will display a renewal reminder.

    Read more about renewing your competency card.

    My card's expired. Can I still work? 

    No. Working with an expired competency card is illegal and you risk getting a fine.

    I have an older paper certificate - can I still use it?

    No. The last of the older paper certificates for Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) and Responsible Conduct of Gaming (RCG) competencies expired on 30 June 2016.

    Using your competency card

    Do I need to wear the card while working?

    You should have it easily accessible and be ready to present the card or digital licence to an inspector or Police when asked. Fines can apply if you don't.

    If you don't have your phone you can log into your MyService NSW app using your secure pin code on someone else's phone and show your digital card to an authorised inspector. You do not need to hand over the phone for inspection. Remember to log out afterwards.

    Set up your digital licence via the ServiceNSW app from iTunes or Google Play.

    Can I work in another state with my card?

    No. Your NSW RSA training and competency card only allow you to work in NSW.

    However, the statement of attainment document you received from the NSW RSA training provide r may be recognised in other states and territories. You'll need to check with the liquor licensing authorities in that state or territory.

    I'm a cook/glassie/bouncer/concierge - do I need an RSA card?

    If you serve, sell or supply alcohol, you need to have an RSA competency card.

    Your roleYes – RSA required No RSA not required
    Cook or chef Duties include selling, serving or supplying alcohol — for example, coming out of the kitchen to serve a glass a wineOnly using alcohol in the cooking process
    (collecting glasses in a licensed venue)
    Duties include serving, selling or supplying liquorOnly collecting dirty glasses or schooners
    Bouncer or security staff

    Duties include making decisions about whether to allow a patron into the premises depending on their level of alcohol intoxication

    Required at all times for bouncers or security staff
    Concierge or door staff Duties include making decisions about whether to allow a patron into the premises depending on their level of alcohol intoxicationDuties only include working at the sign-in desk or checking proof of age.
    Sign-in desk or checking proof of ageDuties include bouncer or security-type services, serving or supplying of alcohol or making decisions about patron alcohol consumptionDuties only include working at the sign in desk or checking proof of age.
    Working in the high-risk precincts of Sydney CBD or Kings CrossDuties include serving, selling or supplying alcohol, operating an ID scanner, working as a bouncer or security staffN/A

    What's the penalty for working without a card?

    If you fail to produce your competency card to police or Liquor & Gaming NSW compliance inspectors when asked, you could get a fine or your card could be suspended.

    The fines are much higher if you work in the Kings Cross and Sydney CBD Entertainment precincts

    If you are a liquor licensee and allow staff to work without a valid RSA competency card you risk getting a fine.

    Read more about fines

    Interim Certificates

    I've lost my interim certificate - what do I do? 

    Ask your training provider to give you another copy. 

    If you work without your interim certificate, you risk getting a fine.

    Get your competency card as soon as possible. It can take up to four weeks for your card to arrive once you visit a Service NSW Service Centre and complete the application process.

    The details on my interim certificate are wrong.

    The details on your interim certificate must match the details on your proof of identity documents. If they don't, you need to update your details. 

    To change any details on your interim certificate, use the CC0300 Amendment to RSA/RCG interim certificate form (PDF, 710KB). You can't apply for your competency card until you receive your updated interim certificate. 

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