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​​Competency cards

An RSA/RCG Competency Card is similar to a Driver Licence and NSW photo card and is evidence that you are allowed to work in the liquor and gaming industries. Competency cards are valid for five years and are available as a physical card and digital licence.

You must successfully complete a first time RSA and/or RCG course through an approved training provider. A competency card is proof you’ve completed training in one or all of these courses:​

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​Competency card renewals

You can now renew your competency card for five years by completing online refresher training from Liquor & Gaming NSW ​and paying a $35 renewal fee. If your card is expiring soon, and we have your current contact details on record, y​ou will be notified by email and/or SMS about how to renew and complete the online refresher training.

​Update your contact details

It's important to update your contact details so we can notify you about the renewal process and online refresher training before your card expires.

Update your contact details:

​​​*You need your competency card licence (CCH) number displayed on your plastic card to use the online form. ​