​Liquor licence freezes

A liquor licence freeze applies in the Kings Cross (PDF, 267KB) and Sydney CBD Entertainment (PDF, 1.4MB) precincts until 1 June 2018.

What does the freeze mean?

While the freeze is in place, the following liquor licences cannot be granted:

  • Hotel
  • General bar
  • Club
  • Packaged liquor (e.g. liquor store or bottleshop)
  • On-premises licence for a public entertainment venue (e.g. nightclub)

The freeze also prevents these licences from being transferred into the CBD and Kings Cross precincts. For example, this includes the removal of the licence from premises situated outside the precincts to a new location in the precincts.

Other aspects of the freeze

Other freeze restrictions prevent certain licence-related authorisations from being granted.

Venues listed above are unable to permanently extend their trading hours. Public entertainment venues and Kings Cross restaurants are also unable to apply for a primary service authorisation to serve liquor without other products or services (e.g. food).

During the freeze, licence conditions cannot be imposed, varied or cancelled where this would increase the trading hours of premises subject to the freeze. Changes of licensed boundaries are also prevented if they are likely to result in an increase to a venue's patron capacity.

The freeze also prevents the grant of a development consent by the City of Sydney if a liquor licence application caught by the freeze would be required for that development.

Small bar licences and some on-premises licences (e.g. including for a restaurant or caterer) are excluded from the freeze. This means that applications for a new small bar, licensed restaurant or licensed catering service can still be considered.

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