Improvements to Clubgrants guidelines announced

NSW registered clubs can now fund a wider range of local infrastructure projects for community care and emergency relief as part of improvements to the Clubgrants categories 1 and 2 program guidelines. 

The improvements mean clubs can now:
  • spend Clubgrants money to establish or improve their own infrastructure for community services such as aged, child and disability care
  • spend funds on capital upgrades of their own assets where the main purpose is to enhance emergency facilities for the local community.
These changes will give clubs greater flexibility in how they use profits from gaming machine revenue to benefit their local communities.  

Other improvements to the guidelines will cut red tape by reducing some reporting requirements and the frequency of local committee meetings for certain registered clubs.

Changes to the Clubgrants Category 3 guidelines will enhance the assessment of applications with the introduction of subject matter experts and the ability for the Minister to draw on advice from relevant government agencies. Changes also include the streamlining of fund management and complement recent improvements to the application guidelines released earlier this month. 

For more information on the improvements, see the updated Clubgrants guidelines on our website