​Infrastructure​ Grants

    Liquor & Gaming NSW offers grants to communities across NSW to support the building, renovation and fitout of infrastructure. Funding is available for sport and recreation, arts and cultural infrastructure, and projects that enhance facilities used to shelter communities and provide emergency services. 

    Infrastructure Grants are made possible by the ClubGrants Category 3 Fund, which reinvests 0.4 per cent of clubs’ gaming machine profits over $1 million back into community projects. Funding can be used costs such as construction, purchase of capital equipment and professional fees.

    Organisations have four opportunities to apply for grants throughout the year: August and November 2017, February and May 2018.

    Infrastructure Grants Program Guide

    Please read the Infrastructure Grants Program Information Guide for more information on:

    • funding options 
    • key dates
    • how to apply
    • eligibility
    • assessment process

    Funding options

    Applications must be submitted using the online application form accessed below. 

    Arts & Culture 
    $50,000 to $200,000 available per project 

    Emergency Preparedness 
    $10,000 to $200,000 available per project 

    Sport & Recreation 
    $100,000 to $300,000 available per project


    To be eligible for funding, applications must meet all of the following conditions: 

    • Built infrastructure based in NSW. 
    • Submitted by an organisation with an ABN that is responsible for operating and/or maintaining the infrastructure. 
    • Infrastructure that is accessible and available to the general public the majority of the time. 
    • Infrastructure related to Arts & Culture, Emergency Preparedness or Sports & Recreation. 
    Development status 
    • Infrastructure works with Development Approval or written exemption. 
    Financial contribution 
    • Local government applicants are required to match the funding amount requested. 
    • Submitted using the online application form available from the Liquor & Gaming NSW website.

    Assessment criteria

    Subject matter experts assess applications against the following four criteria: 

    1. Merit 
    They consider to what extent the project: 
    • has a clear vision 
    • will provide high quality public and/or social outcomes 
    • includes implementation strategies for evaluating and measuring results 
    • introduces needed facilities or will enhance the usage of existing facilities. 
    2. Engagement 
    They consider to what extent the project: 
    • has strategies for ongoing engagement of the community, participants and/or audience 
    • considers the needs and expectations of targeted groups and community, and identifies how these needs will be met 
    • provides capacity building within the relevant sector in NSW 
    • supports employment or includes the involvement and development of volunteers.
    3. Viability 
    To assess the viability of a project, they consider to what extent the project: 
    • is well-planned with appropriate approvals and risk management in place 
    • has realistic timelines to complete within two years 
    • will be delivered by an organisation with appropriate administration, management and governance expertise and financial stability 
    • has strategic partnerships and collaborations across the sector 
    • has secured future operations and maintenance plans. 
    4. Budget 
    To assess the budget they consider to what extent the project: 
    • has a detailed and accurate budget 
    • provides value for money and is realistic for the scale and impact of the project 
    • demonstrates an appropriate use of public funds 
    • includes diversified income from other sources and own contributions 
    • includes the appropriate provision for contingencies 
    • includes insurance and other liabilities. 

    Priority Framework

    When making funding decisions, consideration is also given to applications which provide benefit to: 

    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities 
    • regional and remote communities 
    • people with disability 
    • culturally and linguistically diverse communities 

    Key dates

    August 2017 Round 
    Opening: Tuesday 1 August 2017 
    Closing: 5pm (AEST) Monday, 21 August 2017
    November 2017 Round 
    Opening: Wednesday, 1 November 2017 
    Closing: 5pm (AEDT) Monday 20 November 2017 

    February 2018 Round 
    Opening: Thursday 1 February 2018 
    Closing: 5pm (AEDT) Monday 19 February 2018 

    May 2018 Round 
    Opening: Tuesday 1 May 2018 

    Closing: 5pm (AEST) Monday 21 May 2018

    How to apply

    Applications can be submitted using the link below: 

    Please ensure you have read the Program Guide before applying. 

    Note: the application form will be available when the round opens. Before the round opens information on the application form can be accessed on the grant portal under Applicant Tips

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