​Eligibility for Grant ​​Funding

To be considered for funding assessment, all applications are checked against the following eligibility criteria. 

​​​​​​Eligible​Not eligible
  • ​​based in NSW
  • incorporated, not-for-profit organisations, which are  solvent (financially sound and not in debt) 
  • hold a current ABN​
  • NSW local councils
  • individuals or groups of individuals
  • commercial organisations trading for- profit
  • organisations that are insolvent or under administration
  • organisations not established under legislation and which are not a legal entity
  • State and Federal Government agencies and their entities including educational institutions
  • ​accessible/available for general public use
  • construction, alteration, renovation completion or fitting out of buildings relevant to the purpose of the grant round. For example for the purpose of Arts & Culture, Sport & Recreation, Emergency Relief
  • completed within 18 months of signing a Funding Deed​
  • funding request is within the advertised range for the round
  • ​commercial (for profit) ventures
  • projects or defined project stages funded under a previous Liquor & Gaming NSW round
  • completed or commenced prior to signing the Funding Deed
  • construction costs (e.g. labour, machinery hire and landscaping)
  • ancillary equipment integral to the facility
  • outsourced professional fees (e.g. project management, engineering fees and conveyancing)
  • outsourced design/drafting costs 
  • legal and application costs (e.g. development application fees)
  • the organisation's costs (e.g. staffing, administration, promotion, auditing, overheads)
  • costs not essential to the project (e.g. flagpoles, computers, signage)
  • the purchase of land only
  • maintenance and ongoing management expenses for the facility