​Night-Time Economy Roundtable – Developing a safe, strong and vibrant night-time economy in Sydney

The NSW Government released its response to the Night-Time Economy Roundtable Action Plan in December 2016. 

Through this response, the Government aims to grow a night-time economy that has the flexibility to adapt and innovate without undermining public safety.

The NSW Government held a series of roundtable meetings in the first half of 2016 to examine the challenges and opportunities for the development of a safe, strong and vibrant night-time economy in Sydney. This was consistent with the aim of strengthening Sydney's reputation as a global city, by promoting night-time leisure and social activities for residents and visitors.

The roundtable meetings provided an important opportunity to hear a range of views from key community, industry and government stakeholders, who provided specialist input into constructive discussions focused on furthering Sydney's status as a global city, while fostering a safe and vibrant night-time economy.

Invited participants included hospitality, live music, youth, liquor industry, health, police, transport, council, small business, ​planning and residents representatives.

Outcomes from the Roundtable convened earlier this year have been provided to the Government and will help to inform the Callinan review of the liquor laws. Outcomes can be downloaded below:

The roundtable meetings each had a specific focus. Summary reports from each meeting are available to download below.​

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