Alcohol-related harm Local Intervention Framework

The purpose of the Local Intervention Framework is to provide guidance to stakeholders, including government agencies, industry and the community on the different types of interventions that Liquor & Gaming NSW (L&GNSW) may utilise where regulatory action is warranted to address risks and problems in a local environment.

These interventions complement action taken by L&GNSW on a wider basis, such as state-wide regulatory initiatives, and education and awareness campaigns as well as more focussed action targeted at problem premises and individuals.

The Local Intervention Framework outlines three different tiers of action, which together, provide a flexible suite of options that L&GNSW can utilise to help achieve better local outcomes. These tiers are:

  • Tier One – Facilitating the adoption of voluntary measures agreed by local stakeholders
  • Tier Two – Regulatory interventions targeting individual licensed premises utilising a range of tools (including legislative tools), and
  • Tier Three – Regulatory interventions at the precinct or wider level.