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Management and structure

The organisation is led by Deputy Secretary, Liquor, Gaming and Racing, Paul Newson.​

View our management structure​​​​​​​​ (PDF, ​124​KB)​

Liquor & Gaming NSW's structure includes two branches, Regulatory Operations and Regulatory Policy, Strategy & Support.

Regulatory Operations Branch

​The Regulatory Operations Branch is led by Executive Director, Susan Bray, and includes oversight of all compliance operations, investigations and licensing issues. Other units within this branch include responsibility for revenue assurance and integrity, and customer experience.  ​

Regulatory Policy, Strategy & Suppo​​rt Branch

The Regulatory Policy, Strategy and Support branch is led by Executive Director, Natasha Mann, and oversees the policy and legislation, implementation and improvement, organisational governance. This branch manages communications with the public, the liquor and gaming industries, and other stakeholders.  The branch also provides secretariat support to the Responsible Gambling Fund, the Clubgrants Fund Committee, and the Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority Board.  ​