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Casino special employee licence

    A casino special employee licence is required for anyone who is employed or working in a casino in any capacity involving movement, exchange, counting money or chips, operation or maintenance of gaming equipment,  conduct of gaming, and casino security.

    Other individuals also require a casino special employee licence if they are employed in a managerial capacity and authorised to make decisions, and anyone who is directed to apply for the licence.

    The licence is required to be renewed every five years.

    How to apply

    You must be contracted by a casino to perform special employee functions, or have an offer of employment from a casino to be eligible to apply.

    There are two steps to applying:

    1.    Complete a Casino Special Employee Licence Probity form and attach it to your online application. You are required to submit documentation with your application

    2.    When you have your documents ready, complete the online application form.

    Maintaining a casino special employee licence

    If you have an existing licence and your circumstances change, you need to notify the Authority in writing within 14 days, using the CA0040 Casino special employee notify/details form (PDF 722KB).

    Before you complete the form, read our fact sheet for more information about the types of changes that you need to tell us about.

    Renewing your casino special employee licence 

    Before your licence is due to expire, you will receive an email inviting you to renew your licence. The emails include important information  that you need to renew your licence, including the renewal number and your licence number.

    Contact your employer if you do not receive an email notification 90 days before your licence expires. 

    How to renew

    There are two steps to renewing: