Liquor and Gaming NSW


Liquor & Gaming NSW regulates the operation and activities of registered clubs to ensure they comply with laws, policies and procedures. Registered clubs benefit both their members and the wider community.

Working in a club

Information you need to know about working at a registered club in NSW.

Training you need

Policies and procedures

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Running a club

Information on what is required to run a registered club in NSW.

Running a club overview

Club licences and forms

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What sign do I need?

Find out everything you need to know about which signage you need at your licensed venue.

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Law and policy

Learn about the legislation in place to regulate the registered clubs in NSW.

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Community involvement

Find out how L&GNSW works with the community to reach decisions about law and policy related to clubs.



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Visiting a club

Information about the entry rules and requirements for visitors to registered clubs in NSW.

Clubs rules for visitors

Patrons rights & responsibilities

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