Do you have feedback on the operation of the ClubGRANTS scheme, or concern about a club's rebate?

Section 17(3) of the NSW Gaming Machine Tax Act 2001 provides that a tax rebate can be refused if, based on information provided the ClubGRANTS Local Committee, the registered club claiming the rebate has not complied with the ClubGRANTS Guidelines.​

Make a complaint

If a Local Committee believes that a ClubGRANTS Club has breached the ClubGRANTS Guidelines, they should contact Liquor & Gaming NSW. 

Before completing the form, Local Committees should review the ClubGRANTS guidelines​ (PDF, 129KB), as complainants are required to quote a particular article of the Guidelines which are alleged to have been breached.

A copy of your complaint and any other material you have provided will be forwarded to ClubsNSW and the club(s) involved, and a written response will be requested from the club(s). Their response, together with the material you have provided, will form the basis for the Authority's consideration of this matter. The Authority may request additional information in writing from the parties involved.
Please complete all fields in the form. If insufficient space please attached further pages as required  and return to:

Liquor & Gaming NSW
Gaming Licensing and Taxation
Fax: 02 9842 8675
Email: clubgrants@justice.nsw.gov.au

If you have any queries please call 02 9842 8163 or 02 9842 8391 and ask to speak to the Gaming Licensing and Taxation team.

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