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Trading hours

    Club trading hours

    Most registered clubs that existed before 1 July 2008 have unrestricted trading hours.

    Registered clubs that obtained a licence after 1 July 2008 are limited to standard trading hours of:

    • 5am-12am (midnight) Monday to Saturday
    • 10am-10pm Sunday. 

    Extended hours for these clubs can be obtained upon application. Clubs that have their licence granted on or after 30 October 2008 are subject to a mandatory 6-hour closure period. The closure period:

    • must be a continuous block of time in each 24-hour period, during which the club must not sell or supply liquor
    • must not start earlier than midnight and is usually from 4am-10am.

    Takeaway sales trading hours

    Takeaway alcohol sales are allowed:

    • 5am-11pm Monday to Saturday
    • 10am-10pm Sunday.

    Takeaway alcohol sales are not allowed on:

    • Christmas Day
    • Good Friday. 

    You can apply for takeaway sales between 5am and 10am on Sundays.

    Extended trading hours

    Please see liquor licence conditions for more on extended trading hours.