What signage types do I need?

    Signage types

    Registered club signage

    Registered clubs are required to display signs about the guest member register and the Registered Clubs Act 1976 (in addition to other signs required in all licenced venues). These are shown below.

    Other signage types you may need

    Liquor signs

    Every licensed venue is required to display certain Liquor related signs in and around the premises. These are shown on the Liquor signage page.

    Gaming and Keno signs

    If your venue has gaming machines or offers Keno or public lottery sales, there are other signs you must also display. These are listed on the Gaming signage page

    How should I display the signs?

    Sign 1C – Minors not to signSign 1C - Minors not to sign

    Display this sign prominently near the guest register.

    Sign 2C – Important information for club members   

    Sign 2C - Important information for club members 

    You must display this notice conspicuously at each club noticeboard, and on the club's website, if any.

    Download: 'Important information for club members' (A4 print version) (PDF, 2.1MB)

    Can I make my own signs or photocopy them?

    Sign 1C

    Must be purchased from L&GNSW. You cannot make it yourself, reproduce or copy it, or customise it.

    Sign 2C

    You may purchase this sign from L&GNSW or download 'Important information for club members' (A4 print version) (PDF, 2.1MB) and print it yourself. If you produce this sign yourself, it must be:

    • printed in colour​
    • not less than A4 in size.

    How do I buy the signs and stickers?

    You can buy signs and other products from L&GNSW

    Please note: we don't take orders for signs and products over the phone.