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Club rules for visitors

Many people attempt to enter a licenced club without being aware there are entry requirements imposed by the Registered Clubs Act 1976 and the clubs' own rules.

A visitor can enter a club that allows temporary membership if they meet any of the following criteria:

  1. They reside more than 5 kilometres from the club, or
  2. Member of another club that has ​similar objectives, or
  3. Member of another club and invited to attend an organised sporting event.

Usually, you sign in and given a temporary membership (except if you are attending a sporting event).

Visitors should present photo ID (such as a drivers licence) with current address. Also, some clubs may apply a greater distance than 5km.

If you are attending a function, such as a wedding, those guests who are not eligible to enter as temporary members can usually enter as guests of a member attending the wedding. But the club's rules may limit the number of guests a member can sign in. The club should make the function organiser aware of the rules at the time of booking.

Clubs can limit the number of times a person can be admitted as a temporary member through their club policy, to encourage people who use the club to have a sense of ownership of the club and be bound by its rules. When you are a member you can sign in your guests.

Entry requirements

Age restrictions

Persons must be 18 years or over to enter most areas of a licenced club.

Minors can enter designated areas, as approved, including alcohol-free functions. See entry for minors.

Area restrictions

Minors are not permitted to enter gaming machine area.