Policies and procedures

Licensees, managers and bar and security staff of licensed venues should be familiar with the following policies and procedures.

  • Incident register
    A licensee is required to maintain an incident register if the venue is either:
    • late trading venue
    • declared premises
    • holds a limited licence (and an incident occurs between midnight and 3am)
    • within the Kings Cross and Sydney CBD Entertainment precinct.
  • Standard drink guidelines
    Drinking alcohol can affect your body and your mind. These guidelines are to help lower the risk of alcohol-related harm. One standard drink contains 10 grams of alcohol.
    • 375ml can or bottle full-strength beer = 1.4 standard drinks
    • 150ml wine = 1.4 standard drinks
    • 30 ml spirits = 1 standard drink.
  • Preventing intoxication
    Liquor licensees have important obligations to ensure alcohol is served responsibly to help minimise alcohol-related harm.
  • Ejecting patrons
    Under the Liquor Act 2007 a licensed venue may eject or refuse entry to a patron under certain conditions. Find out what the rules are.

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