Club director

Club managers and directors hold important roles in the governance and management of clubs. Managing a club's assets requires both experience and training.

From 1 July, 2013, a training framework for club managers and directors was introduced which ensures that office bearers are aware of their fiduciary and governance responsibilities, and are able to make better commercial decisions to enhance the long term viability of their club.

Club director training

The regulation requires that any new director becoming a member of a club board must complete the following training:


Alternatively, club directors can complete training aligned to the units of competency:

  • BSBGOV401A - Implement Board member responsibilities
  • BSBGOV402A - Work within organisational structure, and
  • BSBGOV403A - Analyse finance reports and budgets.

These director training course are conducted by some registered training organisations, including the Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL Club's School of Hospitality.



Exemptions for either or both of the above course may apply to club directors who have previously been a director at a NSW registered club, or held a manager or executive office of another Australian public company or charitable fundraising organisation from 1 July 2010 until 30 June 2013, or have completed  other approved courses as listed. See section 3 of the training exemption guidelines (PDF, 89KB) for more information.

Small clubs and large clubs

Small clubs (with less than $1 million gaming turnover) need only 2 directors trained or deemed exempt from training; and large clubs (with more than $1 million gaming turnover) need to have 50% of their directors trained or deemed exempt from training by 1 July 2016, increasing to 100% by 1 July 2018.

Club boards

Limit to board numbers

From 1 January 2017, all club boards must not exceed nine members.

Board appointed directors

Clubs have the option of appointing persons with high level skills or business experience, where appropriate, subject to appropriate safeguards. This provides certainty for clubs that direct appointments can be made, subject to a club's constitution being amended (where necessary).

Club boards may directly appoint up to two directors subject to the following requirements:

  • the term of appointment is for a period of no more than three years
  • the person must be a full member of the club, and
  • within 21 days of being appointed, the board must notify members by placing a notice on its notice board and website (if any) of the reasons for the appointment, including the person's relevant skills and qualifications and any proposed honorarium.

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