Club manager

Club managers and directors hold important roles in the governance and management of clubs. Managing a club's assets requires both experience and training.

From 1 July, 2013, a training framework for club managers and directors was introduced that ensures that office bearers are aware of their fiduciary and governance responsibilities, and are able to make better commercial decisions to enhance the long term viability of their club.

Club manager training

Secretaries and managers need to have completed the following mandatory training within two years of their appointment (if appointed on or after 1 July 2013. Persons appointed earlier should have completed the training by 30 June 2015). Courses are conducted by or on behalf of the Club Managers Association Australia.


  1. Board Governance, the Company Secretary and the General Manager 
    Find details for this course at Club Managers Association Australia
    Or phone 02 9746 4199, email training@cmaa.asn.au.

If a club manager does not undertake training offered by the Club Managers' Association Australia, they must complete a course relating to club governance approved by the Secretary, Department of Industry.

There are currently no other courses approved by the Secretary.

Additionally they should have

  • a current Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate
  • a current Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) certificate, if the club operates gaming machines.


Exemptions for the above course may apply to club managers who have held a manager position for three out of the last five years in a NSW registered club, or have completed another approved course. See section 4 of the training exemption guidelines (PDF, 89KB) for more information.

Exemptions also apply if a person is appointed as a club manager in an honorary capacity and is also a director of a club.

Clubs with more than one premises

In the case of a registered club that has two or more premises, an approved manager must be appointed at each of those premises where the club secretary is not present.

An approved manager must be appointed by a club with two months. However, the law allows a person to act as an approved manager while an application (for the person to be an approved manager) to the Authority is pending.


  • An additional approved manager (at a second premises) is not required when the club has only two premises and
  • the main premises are in a metropolitan area and both premises are located within 10 kilometres of each other, or
  • the main premises are outside a metropolitan area and both premises are located within 50 kilometres of each other, or
  • A metropolitan area includes Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong.