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Community Consultation for Local Impact Assessments

The LIA process ensures that clubs and hotels provide a copy of the threshold increase application and the LIA to:

  • the local council
  • the local police

and notify the following organisations of the application and the LIA:

  • the Council of Social Service of New South Wales
  • the local health district
  • and any organisation receiving funding from the Responsible Gambling Fund with presence in the local community and
  • any other organisations that provide services in the Local Government Area relating to welfare, emergency relief, financial assistance, Aboriginal health and legal assistance, or gambling and addiction counselling or treatment, and which are listed as providing these services by the local council

A notice of the application and the LIA must be advertised in a local newspaper and displayed outside the relevant venue.

For Class 2 LIAs, a report on community consultation about the proposed threshold increase must be included in the LIA.

Use the following templates for your notifications and advertisement.

All notifications and advertisements must advise that the threshold increase application and the LIA can be viewed on the LIA Public Register and that any submissions in response to the LIA are to be sent by post or email addressed to:

Business Licensing
Liquor & Gaming NSW
GPO Box 7060
Sydney NSW 2001


For further information please see Local Impact Assessment.