Two-up is a game where players spin coins in the air and gamble on whether the coins fall heads or tails.

The NSW Government regulates two-up under the Gambling (Two-up) Act 1998. You can conduct two-up only on certain days:

  • Anzac Day – 25 April in any year
  • Victory in the Pacific Day – 15 August in any year
  • Remembrance Day – 11 November in any year, but only after noon

The only exception to this is Broken Hill, where you can play two-up all year round at approved venues operating under a special declaration by the NSW Government.

You do not need a permit to run a game of two-up. However, you should play two-up according to the traditional rules of the game (PDF, 55KB).

Learn more from our Two-up fact sheet (PDF, 653KB).