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Gaming fact sheets and guidelines

This page contains fact sheets and guidelines that will assist you in applying for gaming licences and games of chance permits.

    Fact sheets

    FS3008 Gaming Machine Harm Minimisation (PDF, 791​KB) 

    FS3022 Centralised monitoring system (CMS) and connectivity arrangements (PDF, 191KB)

    FS3087 Gaming Machine Threshold (PDF, 139KB)

    Government duty on commercial gaming and wagering  (PDF, 136KB)

    Games of chance

    FS3025 Art union - fact sheet (PDF, 285KB)

    FS3048 Card jackpot games - fact sheet (PDF, 179KB)

    FS3013 Charity housie - fact sheet (PDF, 315KB)

    FS3085 Chocolate wheels - fact sheet (PDF, 254KB)

    FS3035 Club bingo - fact sheet (PDF, 268KB)

    FS3124 Football doubles - fact sheet (PDF, 345KB)

    FS3095 Gaming nights - fact sheet (PDF, 160KB)

    FS3094 Gratuitous lotteries - fact sheet​ (PDF, 179KB).​​​

    FS3085 Lucky envelopes - fact sheet (PDF, 254KB)

    FS3093 Mini-numbers - fact sheet (PDF, 408KB)

    No-draw lotteries - fact sheet (PDF, 917KB)

    FS3001 Poker tournaments - fact sheet (PDF, 336KB)

    FS3091 Progressive lotteries - fact sheet (PDF, 282KB)

    FS3090 Promotional raffles - fact sheet (PDF, 199KB)

    FS3089 Raffles - fact sheet (PDF, 264KB)

    FS3088 Social housie - fact sheet (PDF, 263KB)

    FS3096 Sweeps and calcuttas - fact sheet (PDF, 501KB)

    FS3002 Tipping competitions with entry fees - fact sheet​  (PDF, 264KB)

    FS3014 Trade promotions - fact sheet for businesses (PDF, 674KB).

    Trade promotions - fact sheet for consumers (PDF, 647KB) .

    FS3098 Two-up - fact sheet​ (PDF, 653KB)

    Two–up - traditional rules of the game (PDF, 55KB)


    Games of chance

    Card jackpot game and other similar games guidelines (DOC, 69KB).

    Trade promotions permit conditions (PDF, 214KB)

    Local Impact Assessments

    Class 1 LIA Guidelines (PDF, 233KB)

    Class 2 LIA Guidelines (PDF, 494KB)

    Gaming Machines

    FS3125 3-Hour shutdown period guidelines (Saturday, Sunday and public holiday) (PDF, 143KB)

    Approved NSW Technical Standards – July 2015 changes (PDF, 20KB)

    DMS processing of progressive dispersals  (PDF, 295KB).

    Financial Arrangements For The Acquisition of Gaming Machines guidelines (PDF, 51KB)

    Gaming Machine National Standard 2015 (PDF, 485KB)

    Gaming Machine Prohibited Features Register (PDF, 18KB)

    General location of gaming machines in hotels and clubs factsheet (PDF, 185KB). 

    GM Technical Standards Non-compliance Register (PDF, 12KB)

    Limited shutdown period guidelines (PDF, 250KB).

    NSW Appendix to the National Standard 2015 (PDF, 79KB)

    NSW Gaming Machine Communications Protocol (PDF, 1.1MB)

    NSW Jackpot Technical Standard v1.3 (PDF, 289KB)

    NSW Jackpot Technical Standard – changes from v1.2 and v1.3 (PDF, 13KB)

    NSW TITO Technical Standard v4.20 (PDF, 280KB)

    NSW TITO Technical Standard – changes from v4.18 and v4.20 (PDF, 19KB)

    Redline for NSW jackpot technical standard version 1.3 (PDF, 13KB)

    Redline version 4.20 - NSW TITO standard (PDF, 19 KB)

    Technical Standard Systems Circular 23 Nov 2015 (PDF, 20 KB)