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Gaming machines

The information in this section is about gaming machines and what you need to know to buy, operate and design them. Below you will also find an explanation of the gaming machine tax and the approval process for gaming machines.

  • FS3136 Approval process for new and modified gaming machines (PDF, 174KB)
    A fact sheet providing information about the approval process for new and modified gaming machines.

  • Buying a gaming machine 
    A description of what a gaming machine is, the approved technical standards and prohibited features and the software needed; plus the application forms you need for operating, disposing or altering gaming machines.
  • What permits do I need? 
    Step by step explanation of Gaming Machine Entitlements (GME) and Gaming Machine Threshold (GMT), which determines how many machines you can operate at your venue, and the community consultation process required.
  • Running a gaming machine 
    This section explains the Centralised Monitoring System (CMS) that each operating gaming machine is connected to, shutdown periods, location of gaming machines, and what to do with gaming machine payouts, unclaimed prizes and accumulated jackpots.
  • Gaming machine tax 
    The gaming machine tax rates for registered clubs and hotels, ClubGrants, and tax deferral assistance.
  • Designing a gaming machine 
    Who can design a gaming machine, testing a new machine, information of standards and prohibited features and the approval of new gaming machines.