What is a gaming machine?

A gaming machine, also known as a poker machine or a 'pokie', is an electronic device designed for gambling.

    Approved technical standards

    There are approved technical standards for:

    Testing facilities use approved technical standards to check gaming equipment before it gets approval.

    The approved technical standards for NSW are:

    Prohibited features register

    The NSW Gaming Machine Prohibited Features Register (PDF, 18 KB) lists features on gaming machines that aren't allowable.

    Gaming machine manufacturers can use this as a guide to ensure gaming machine design follows the harm-minimisation guidelines.

    Gaming machine software PIDC checker tool

    The PIDC checker tool allows licenced technicians to confirm that the software being installed into a gaming machine is approved software for NSW gaming venues.

    You'll need a licence key and data file to operate the Windows-based program. Directions on how to run the program are included in the download material.

    Download the PICD checker tool (ZIP, 32.8MB).

    The PIDC checker tool costs $275 per year. A subscription form is included in the download material. To subscribe, you must have a NSW gaming machine technician licence, a testing facility licence, a seller's licence or a dealer's licence.

    Any questions please email pidc.checker@liquorandgaming.nsw.gov.au