Hotels with a liquor licence can operate gaming machines only if they have Gaming Machine Entitlements (GME) or Poker Machine Permits (PMP). Only hotels use PMPs.

You need a GME or a PMP to operate each gaming machine.

The number of gaming machines you can operate at your venue depends on the Gaming Machine Threshold (GMT), which is shown on your liquor licence document.

New liquor licences start with a GMT of zero. The maximum number of GMEs and PMPs your hotel can operate is 30.

If you want to operate gaming machines you need to follow these 3 steps:

Step 1: Apply and get approval to increase your GMT to the number of gaming machines you want to operate.

Step 2: Get a GME or PMP for each gaming machine you want to operate – you can buy them from other hotels or negotiate through a broker, as the government is not creating any new entitlements or permits for hotels.

Step 3: Apply for a GME transfer approval once you've made an agreement to buy the GMEs.

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