Data Monitoring Service responsibilities

The Centralised Monitoring System (CMS) currently operates through a statutory licence to Maxgaming NSW Pty Ltd, a Tattersall's company. 

Data Monitoring Services (DMS), a branch of Maxgaming, operates the CMS and are required to do the following:

  • calculate the Gaming Machine Tax
  • collect meter reading information from gaming machines
  • collect integrity events and configuration records from gaming machines
  • not release any CMS information to any parties other those in the Gaming Machines Act 2001.  

DMS must also provide:

  • monthly statements to all venues listing the performance of each gaming machine in operation
  • monthly invoices of the CMS monitoring fee on the first business day of each month detailing how the fee is calculated
  • CMS gaming machine tax invoices 14 days after the end of each tax quarter.

More details on the calculation of the CMS monitoring fee can be found on the Maxgaming website.

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