Venue operator responsibilities

If you operate gaming machines at your hotel or club, you must:

  • pay the Gaming machine tax
  • pay the CMS monitoring fee by direct debit
  • keep hard copy records for compliance with the law.

A detailed description of all your responsibilities are explained in the Maxgaming's CMS Operations Handbook. These include:

  • ensuring​ gaming machines are always connected to the CMS by regularly checking the site controller
  • ensuring the CMS site controller always has power
  • checking daily that the gaming machines and progressive controllers are connected to the CMS
  • taking action within ​2 working days if DMS asks you to check a connection
  • allowing DMS employees or agents access to gaming machines.

If a gaming machine is being serviced or repaired, you need to ensure that the licenced technician completes a CMS connectivity certificate.

Keep a copy of the certificate. You must be able to show the certificate if an inspector asks to see it. If you can't show them your certificate, you could be given an infringement notice of $110 or receive the maximum penalty of $1100.

You can order CMS connectivity certificates, approved by Liquor & Gaming NSW, using FM2012 CMS connectivity certificates order form (PDF, 691KB).

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