Designing a new gaming machine

Who can design a gaming machine?

Gaming machines can only be designed and manufactured by holders of a gaming machine dealers licence.

Approved technical standards for gaming machines

Approved technical standards have been developed for:

  • Gaming machines
  • Games
  • Ticket in and ticket out
  • In-venue jackpot systems
  • The communication protocol that gaming equipment uses to communicate with the central monitoring system

More information:

Gaming Machine National Standard 2016​ (PDF, 485 KB)

This is a guide for manufacturers in designing gaming machines, game software and related equipment. It also provides a benchmark to make sure manufacturers meet legal requirements.

NSW Appendix to the National Standard 2016 (PDF, 79 KB)

This lists the technical requirements which are either:

a) in addition to those defined in the Gaming Machine National Standard

b) are different to those defined in the Gaming Machine National Standard

c) are not required.

NSW gaming machine communications protocol 2013 (PDF, 1MB)

This defines the communications requirements that exist between gaming machines, the Centralised Monitoring System (CMS) and any other equipment.

NSW jackpot technical standard (PDF, 289 KB)

This lists the technical requirements for:

a) integrated Standalone Progressive Gaming Machines

b) linked Progressive Jackpot Systems

c) standard Linked Progressive Gaming Machines.

"REDLINE" document for NSW jackpot technical standard version 1.3 (PDF, 13 KB)

This lists the differences between Version 1.2 and Version 1.3 of the NSW Jackpot Technical Standard.

NSW TITO technical standard (PDF, 280 KB)

This document describes the command classes required to support the "Ticket In & Ticket Out" (TITO) function.

Redline version 4.20 - NSW TITO standard (PDF, 19 KB)

This highlights the significant changes between Version 4.18 and Version 4.20 of the NSW TITO technical standard.

GM technical standards non-compliance register (PDF, 12 KB)

Provides a list of all exceptions currently being granted against the the technical standards.

NSW Gaming Machine Prohibited Features Register (PDF, 18 KB)

This outlines the features that are banned from gaming machines in NSW. 


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How to test a new gaming machine?

A new gaming machine must be tested by a licensed testing facility before it can be approved by the Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority. Testing facilities use approved technical standards to evaluate gaming equipment. 

How to apply for approval of a new gaming machine?

To have your new gaming machine approved, you must have the device tested at an authorised facility. 

Apply for approval from: 

Level 6, 323 Castlereagh Street
Haymarket NSW 2001

1300 024 720 or visit the contact us page.