Gaming machine payouts

There are rules when you pay out gaming machine prizes and money. The following are laws in the Gaming Machines Regulation 2010.

Awarding the prizewinner

You must award or pay a prize won on a gaming machine to a player who is entitled to the prize in accordance with the regulations.

Recording gaming machine prizes

When awarding prizes, the name and signature of a club employee or other authorised person is required when recording the gaming machine prize. At a hotel, the name and signature of a nominee of the hotelier is required when recording gaming machine prize.

Payment of cheque or electronic transfer

If the prize money payable is more than $5,000, the hotelier or club must pay so much of the total prize money that exceeds $5,000:

  • by cheque payable to the person or
  • if the person requests, by means of electronic funds transfer (if those means are available to the hotelier or club) to an account nominated by the person.

If the total prize money exceeds $5,000, a person can ask for the whole of the total prize money to be paid by cheque or electronic funds transfer.

If the prize is being paid through electronic transfer, the account must be with a financial institution, such as a bank.

Non-monetary gaming machine prizes

You can award a gaming machine prize that is not money but the prize must be equal to the value of credits won on the gaming machine. The prizewinner must be given the choice of being paid money.

when the prize is not money it cannot be tobacco, knives or knife blades, or firearms or ammunition.

The maximum amount of liquor you can award as a gaming machine prize is 20 litres of liquor no more than 20% alcohol by volume, or 5 litres of liquor over 20% alcohol by volume.

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