​Location of gaming machines

There are regulations for the location of gaming machines in hotels, clubs.

    Hotel gaming machine rooms

    A hotel may have more than one gaming room. Any construction that's needed to build a gaming room must first get building approval from local council before gaming machines can be kept there.​

    If a hotel operates more than 10 gaming machines, then:

    • no more than 5 gaming machines can be located in the general bar area, and
    • all other gaming machines must be located in one or more gaming rooms in the hotel.

    ​​Gaming machines in the gaming room must:

    • be placed so that people outside who walk past the hotel can't see them
    • be practically spaced so people have enough access to them.

    ​By law, hotel gaming rooms must:

    • be free of charge to enter
    • be in a restricted area of the hotel, which means no one under 18 is allowed in the restricted area
    • be physically separated from the general bar area by a permanent floor to ceiling wall, with the bottom half of the wall allowed to be made of opaque or non-transparent material
    • be under the supervision of the hotelier or an employee at all times, either by someone being physically present or by electronic surveillance
    • have a doorway or a space to and from the gaming room to at least one operating bar in the hotel
    • have reasonable access to a toilet for each gender without the person having to go outside the hotel to get to a toilet
    • have clear signage to direct people to the rest of the hotel if the gaming room has an entrance that opens directly from a public street
    • allow a person to go from gaming room, toilets and bar without having to go outside at any point
    • not make patrons pass through it to get to another part of the hotel, or to enter or leave the hotel.

    ​The requirement for a gaming room to be physically separated from the general bar area of a hotel does not:

    • stop you having a doorway or space giving access to and from the gaming room
    • require you to build the permanent wall to extend past the counter that is part of the general bar area meant to serve patrons in both the gaming room and bar area.

    More information can be found from the Gaming Machines Act 2001.

    General location in hotels and clubs

    Gaming machines in hotels and clubs shouldn't be in a location that:

    • attracts the attention of people outside the venue
    • allows gaming machines to be easily seen or clearly heard from public areas outside the club.

    ​Here are a few examples that may be seen as intending to attract the attention of people outside of your venue:

    • placing gaming machines behind a clear glass wall or window where they can be seen by the public from outside the venue on public property
    • placing gaming machines in an outdoor gaming or outdoor smoking area next to a public place where gaming machines can be heard
    • placing a gaming machine where, at night time, its flashing lights and artwork can be clearly seen from a public place.

    ​The Secretary of the Department of Industry​ can direct a hotel or club to move or screen its gaming machines, if necessary.

    Read more detailed information with the general location of gaming machines in hotels and clubs factsheet (PDF, 185 KB).