Unclaimed gaming machine prizes

If no one claims a gaming machine jackpot or ticket, then the money is to be paid to the Secretary of the Department of Industry. The Secretary then transfers the money into the Community Development Fund, which funds community programs.

Unclaimed jackpots

If no one claims a jackpot that was won on a progressive gaming machine or system within 12 months, the relevant venue must pay the unclaimed money to the Secretary of the Department of Industry within 3 months.

Unclaimed gaming machine tickets

Gaming machine tickets expire 12 months after they are issued. Expired tickets can not be redeemed.

Venues must display the details of any ticket worth $10 or more in a visible area of your venue at least one month before the ticket's expiration date.

Venues must display the following details of the gaming machine ticket:

  • ticket issue date
  • ticket expiry date
  • gaming machine serial number
  • ticket amount.

Once the unclaimed ticket has expired, venues must pay the value of the ticket to the Secretary of the Department of Industry​ within three months using the FM2005 Expired Gaming Machines Tickets Payment form (PDF, 601 KB).