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Gaming machine harm minimisation

Hotels and clubs with gaming machines must make sure their premises comply with the law, including those that aim to protect people from serious problems associated with excessive gambling.

There are many ways to minimise the risk of harm gambling can cause. The FS3008 Gaming machine harm minimisation fact sheet (PDF, 791KB) provides an overview of gambling harm minimisation laws for hotels and clubs in NSW.

The fact sheet includes information about:

  • Signs that you must display
  • Contact cards
  • Player information brochures
  • How to buy gaming signs and other products
  • Self-exclusion schemes
  • Displaying clocks showing the correct time
  • Gaming machine advertising
  • Exemptions from the advertising prohibition
  • Gambling-related signage
  • Locating gaming machines and jackpot displays
  • Cheques and cash-dispensing facilities
  • Player reward schemes and promotional prizes
  • Gambling inducements.