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Gaming & Wagering law

Wagering law

Wagering is regulated in NSW under the Betting and Racing Act 1998, which establishes who may offer betting services, the events on which betting is permitted, and associated requirements that betting service providers must comply with.

The Act provides that the Minister for Racing may authorise licensed bookmakers to conduct telephone and electronic betting at licensed racecourses or other approved premises.

Other events on which betting service providers may offer bets, such as sporting events, are determined by the Minister for Racing and are contained in the Schedule of Declared Betting Events and Approved Forms of Betting (PDF, 164 KB). This schedule forms part of the Bookmaker Declared Betting Events Betting Rules (PDF, 150KB).

The Betting Glossary of Terms (PDF, 14KB) defines the various form of betting available.

In December 2015, changes were made to the application process and requirements for new declared betting events and bet types. For further information on these reforms, please see Wagering Applications​.

​Gaming law

Liquor & Gaming NSW is responsible for the implementation of government policies designed to balance sustainable business development with the need to reduce harms associated with problem gambling.

In the gaming area, our office is responsible for:

  • advising in relation to the development and implementation of government policy​
  • ensuring compliance
  • monitoring revenue collected from gaming activity
  • overseeing technical standards for gaming machines
  • administering the Responsible Gambling Fund, which funds services for problem gamblers.

Relevant Acts​

Visit Legislation NSW for all Acts and Regulations.