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Gambling harm minimisation report (2017)

About the study
This report, led by Alexander Blaszczynski of The University of Sydney Gambling Treatment Clinic at The University of Sydney, provides a comprehensive and up-to-date understanding of the harms and demographics likely to be attributed to gambling products available in NSW and the level of risk for harm for each gambling product.

A range of methods were used including a literature review; data analysis of counselling services; interviews with clients attending counselling; surveys with gamblers and community members; and focus and discussion groups with industry stakeholders and representatives, and researchers.

The key findings were:
Gaming machines, betting on racing events, sports betting and casino table games represent the gambling products most associated with gambling related harm.

Gaming machines have the highest participation rate; players have elevated levels of problem gambling compared to other products, and report higher frequencies of health-related harm. The frequency of reported critical incidences for example suicidal behaviour, divorce and bankruptcy, is lower for all gambling products compared to other harms. The majority of gamblers in the community and in treatment-seeking populations experience financial stresses, relationship problems and health-related difficulties.

Read the report (PDF, 4.6MB).  

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The University of Sydney Gambling Treatment Clinic 2017, Gambling harm minimisation report. Liquor & Gaming New South Wales, Sydney.