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​Impact evalu​​ation of NSW Gambling Help services (2016)

​About the study​​

The project carried out by Australia's Health P/L evaluated the impact of gambling help services on problem gambling in NSW. It provides an assessment of the overall impact of gambling help services on problem gambling in terms of prevention, ea​rly intervention and treatment outcomes.

The research evaluated 56 problem gambling and financial counselling services in NSW and the NSW components of the Gambling Help telephone line and online service.

The key findings were:

  • Gambling Help services are effective in reducing problem gambling
  • Gambling Help service counselling is helping reduce harms from problem gambling
  • The Gambling Helpline Service is effective in providing crisis support and referral
  • Gambling Help Online is effective as an information source and awareness raising
  • The range of Gambling Help services is responsive to client need
  • 'Gamble responsibly' messaging is seen as at odds with helping problem gamblers

The findings provide useful evidence on the strengths and weaknesses of the current counselling model and will help enhance a state wide counselling model. 

In addition, the findings will inform the Government's new gambling workforce development strategy, awareness programs and gambling research program.

Read the report​ (PDF, 1.7MB). 

How to cite this report

Australia's Health P/L 2016, Impact evaluation of NSW Gambling Help services. Liquor & Gaming New South Wales, Sydney.

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