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Marketing of sports betting and racing (2015)

About the study

The project carried out by ORC International explored the impact of the marketing of sports and race wagering on gambling behaviour and intention among Australians, particularly on population subgroups: regular bettors, non-regular bettors, problem gamblers and adolescents.

The researchers asked:

  • Does exposure to wagering marketing encourage gambling intention and behaviour?
  • If so, in what way does marketing impact upon target audiences?
  • Does such marketing create a relationship with gambling?
  • Does such marketing encourage gambling on other activities?
  • Does such marketing impact particularly upon vulnerable groups such as adolescents and at risk gamblers?

The findings could not determine a causal relationship between wagering marketing and betting behaviour due to the factors that lead to betting being a complex array of social, individual, and environmental interrelations. 

Wagering marketing was viewed negatively for the extent of advertising aired, the inappropriateness of children being exposed to these adverts, and skepticism.

This research is useful in that it provides information on the perceptions, including the emotional and cognitive responses, to messages of sport betting in far more detail than previous studies. This is informative for policy and practices.

This study was funded through Gambling Research Australia.

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How to cite this report

ORC International 2015, Marketing of sports betting and racing. Gambling Research Australia. Melbourne.

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