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​Responsible gambling and casinos (2016)

About the study

The project carried out by the South Australian Centre for Economic Studies, University of Adelaide, and ORC International Pty Ltd identified how the broader gambling market is changing and how casinos are strategically responding to this. 

It also considered the changing nature of products, the impact of non-tax concessional factors on local players, the risk level of local players, and the promotional and harm minimisation strategies of casinos.

The researchers asked:

  • What are the dynamic factors influencing the casino gambling market in Australia?
  • What proportion of customers are local and what is the risk profile of the local customers?
  • How do the current changes in products and their presentation at Australian casinos affect local gamblers?
  • Are the profiles of local gamblers who go to casinos different from those whose primary venue of choice is a hotel or club?
  • What is the marketing and type of promotions (including advertising) that casinos undertake and how do they affect local gamblers?
  • Do casinos target local ethnic groups via promotions/advertising? If so, describe the promotions and their effect.
  • What are the responsible gambling measures being taken by casinos? Who is their target? What is their impact on local gamblers?

Findings suggest that casino gamblers in Australia are at higher risk of problem gambling compared to other Australian gamblers. More casino gamblers are estimated to become problem gamblers compared to other gamblers (10% versus 3%). This is likely to be inferenced by the demographics of casino gamblers, such as being young males and thus more likely larger risk takers when gambling.

The policy initiative which had the most impact on breaks in gambling revenue were smoking bans, ATM removal from venues and gaming areas, ATM withdrawal limits, and prohibition on note acceptors. Researchers noted that the interconnection between alcohol and gambling may exacerbate the risk of problem gambling.

The findings provide useful information for the Government's current review into the existing casino regulatory environment in NSW.

This study was funded through Gambling Research Australia.

Read the report (PDF, 7.2MB). 

How to cite this report

South Australian Centre for Economic Studies, University of Adelaide & ORC International Pty Ltd 2016, Responsible gambling and casinos. Gambling Research Australia. Melbourne.

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