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The use of social media in gambling (2015)

About the study

The project led by Sally Gainsbury from the Centre for Gambling Education & Research at Southern Cross University and team investigated the availability and promotion of gambling and social casino game opportunities via social media.

They also looked at whether there had been a transition between social casino game play and gambling, and the potential for social media to be used to promote responsible gambling.

The research examined the following aspects of social media and gambling:

  • How gambling operators use social media
  • Non-monetary gambling-style products available to Australians
  • Impact of social media and gambling on vulnerable populations
  • Migration between gambling and social casino games
  • Using social media to promote safer gambling habits

The findings suggest that gambling operators licensed within Australia appear to abide by advertising codes of conduct. Social casino games are readily accessible via social media and mobile apps and have a strong market in Australia. 

Social casino games have no impact on gambling for the majority of people. However, for a minority of at-risk gamblers and adolescents, social casino games may encourage increased gambling and irrational beliefs, ​which may exacerbate existing gambling problems.

The findings provide useful content for the Internet gambling regulation in order to protect vulnerable consumers of these games.

This study was funded through the Gambling Research Australia.

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How to cite this report

Gainsbury S, King D, Delfabbro P, Hing N, Russell A, Blaszczynski A & Derevensky J 2015, The use of social media in gambling. Gambling Research Australia. Melbourne.

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