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Validation Study of In-Venue Problem Gambler Indicators (2014)

About the study

This project led by Anna Thomas at Swinburne University of Technology set out to validate a set of problem gambling behavioural indicators and identify people experiencing problems with gambling. The research also sought to assess the practical validity of a measure derived from these findings, the Gambling Behaviour Checklist (GBC), as a tool for identifying and assisting at-risk gamblers. 

The researchers found that key visible problem gambling indicators were identified and validated across multiple samples. The prevalence of these indicators in different gambler-risk groups and the extent to which they discriminate between them were established. The GBC was shown to assist staff to observe, consolidate information and act on customers exhibiting multiple problem gambling behaviours before they asked for help. Integration of the checklist into gambling venues would appear to improve staff capacity to identify problem gambling behaviours, and subsequently act to minimise customer harm and enhance customer safety.

The findings provide useful information to support the translation of problem gambling theory into staff practice under real working conditions.

This study was funded by Gambling Research Australia.

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How to cite this report

Thomas A, Delfabbro P & Armstrong AR 2014, Validation study of in-venue problem gambler indicators. Gambling Research Australia. Melbourne.

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