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​Responsible Gambling Fund

The Responsible Gambling Fund (RGF) is committed to funding programs and initiatives that support responsible gambling and prevent and minimise the risk of problem gambling related harm in the community. 

The RGF plays a key role in helping Government develop evidence-based and innovative approaches to prevent and reduce gambling harms. The RGF, funded by a levy on the Star casino, will this year allocate $18 million for initiatives to promote responsible gambling and address problem gambling.

Funding is available for a range of programs and projects as part of a strategic approach that supports responsible gambling and prevents and minimises the risk of problem gambling related harm in the community.

It does this through:

  • a comprehensive research agenda to provide thought leadership and better inform the development of responsible gambling policy
  • community education to support well informed gambling choices, responsible gambling behaviours and resilient communities as well as de-stigmatising help seeking behaviour
  • intervention through provision of support and counselling services, including early access through increased online and self-help tools
  • supporting Liquor & Gaming NSW policy development and regulatory oversight and enforcement of responsible gambling obligations and practices.

A new Office of Responsible Gambling has been established within Liquor, Gaming & Racing to support the Responsible Gambling Fund as one of its functions.  

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