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Responsible Conduct of Gambling

Gaming machines are allowed in registered clubs and hotels. Licensees and venue staff have responsibilities when operating gaming machines.

Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) helps to ensure compliance with the law, reduce gambling related issues and to promote safety (harm minimisation) in venues where there are gaming machines.

Why do you need RCG training?

RCG training is mandatory if your work duties involve gaming machines. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • licensees of a full hotel licence
  • secretaries of a registered club
  • staff with gaming machine duties
  • staff who pay out winnings
  • staff who patrol or serve in the gaming machine area

Whether you are a staff member or an employer, you may be fined if you work without a valid competency card, or allow employees to work without one. Find out more about fines.

  • RCG training course 
    The first-time RCG training course from approved training providers helps to promote safety in venues where gaming machines are operated.
  • Competency cards 

    Get your competency card, info about interim certificates and the expiry of older paper certificates.

  • Competency card renewals
    Information about renewing your card, including mandatory online refresher training only available from Liquor & Gaming NSW.

  • Registered training organisations 
    Get approval to provide first-time RCG training in class or online, become a RCG trainer, the online portal system and fines that apply to RTOs.
  • FAQs 
    We answer common questions about your competency card.

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