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Wagering applications

We are responsible for advising the NSW Government in relation to wagering policy, associated legislation, and strategies for reducing the harms associated with problem gambling.

Through our inspection program we closely monitor bookmaker and totalizator betting to ensure the integrity of wagering and adherence to responsible practices. This program aims to protect the interests of the betting public as well as the betting industry and the government's revenue.

    Who can conduct wagering?

    Wagering on sport in New South Wales is conducted by TAB Limited and licensed NSW and interstate licensed bookmakers.

    With respect to declared events betting, TAB Limited and bookmakers operate under separate - but similar - sets of Rules.

    Under the Rules, betting disputes are first referred to the bookmaker who accepted the bet from the consumer. If the dispute cannot be resolved, it is then referred to the Sports Betting Disputes Panel (except in the Northern Territory, where the dispute is referred to the Northern Territory Racing Commission).

    Approved Sports Controlling Bodies in NSW

    The following organisations have been prescribed as Sports Controlling Bodies in NSW:​​

    Australian Football League

    The Australian Football League (AFL) is the approved sports controlling body for sports betting purposes for the ​following sports betting events:

    • all AFL games that fall within the AFL pre-season competition

    • AFL Premiership season competition​

    • AFL Finals series

    • Brownlow Medal vote count.​

    Basketball Australia

    Basketball Australia is approved as the sports controlling body for sports betting purposes for the following sports betting events:​

    • any basketball match or competition controlled, organised or administered by Basketball Australia including, but not limited to, National Basketball League and Women’s Basketball League games
    • games involving Australian National teams
    • ​​international games or competitions conducted by Basketball Australia.​

    Bowls Australia

    Bowls Australia is the approved sports controlling body for sports betting purposes for the following sports betting events:​

    • Australian Premier League
    • Australian Open
    • Australian Indoor Championships
    • Australian Sides Championships
    • National Champion of Champions
    • events and tournaments conducted and controlled by Bowls Australia.​

    Netball Australia

    Netball Australia is the approved sports controlling body for the following sports betting events:

    • all events controlled and regulated by Netball Australia
    • matches featuring the Australian Netball Diamonds
    • matches featuring the Australian FastNet Diamonds
    • ANZ Championship matches featuring the Australian teams.​

    Australian Rugby Union (ARU)

    The Australian Rugby Union is the approved sports controlling body for the following sports betting events:

    • Super Rugby
    • matches featuring the Wallabies
    • men’s Australia Sevens matches
    • women’s Australia Sevens matches
    • Australia A matches
    • Australia under-20s matches
    • National Rugby Championship.​

    National Rugby Le​ague (NRL)

    The National Rugby League is the approved sports controlling body and is responsible for the control and regulation of all matches, either solely or in conjunction with the Australian Rugby League.

    Cricket Australia

    Cricket Australia is the approved sports controlling body and is responsible for any cricket match or competition conducted under the jurisdiction or sponsorship of Cricket Australia.

    Tennis Australia

    ​​Tennis Australia​ is the approved sports controlling body for sports betting purposes, and is responsible for the control and regulation of all tennis tournaments. 

    How to apply for a betting authority?

    Authorities for sports betting, telephone and electronic betting are issued to licensed bookmakers by the Minister under the Betting and Racing Act 1998.

    Under section 18, the Minister determines the range of declared betting events upon which Tabcorp and licensed bookmakers may offer betting.  

    Read more about applications for declared betting events:

    Gambling advertising

    NSW has strengthened the laws around publishing or communicating prohibited gambling advertising and the offering of an inducement to gamble. The reforms complement prohibitions on certain gambling advertising during sporting events, and existing offences relating to the advertising of inducements to gamble.

    Gambling advertising laws are intended to protect problem gamblers – and those who might be lured into gambling but who can ill afford to bet – from inducements to open betting accounts or to gamble.

    • A maximum penalty of $55,000 applies to any corporation and $5,500 for individuals who publish prohibited gambling advertising, including wagering operators, broadcasters, commentators or others.
    • Directors and other corporate officers of betting service providers can be held personally liable and criminally prosecuted  for misconduct in their organisations.
    • Read more on FS3047 Sports betting reforms (PDF, 207KB)
    • Read more on GL4015 Gambling advertising and inducements (PDF, 143KB)



    Commencement of new in-play gambling advertising offence

    From 1 March 2016, it will be an offence to publish certain types of gambling advertising during live sporting fixtures. The offence prohibits any person from publishing gambling advertising during a sporting fixture (e.g. a single match, game, contest or fight) where:

    • The advertising relates to that fixture, and
    • There is a sports controlling body prescribed in NSW for the relevant sporting event.

    Once a sports controlling body is prescribed in NSW, the name of that sports controlling body and details as to the scope of the prescription will be published on the Liquor & Gaming NSW website.

    The offence prohibits the publication of gambling advertising from the start to the finish of the sporting fixture in question, including during scheduled and unscheduled breaks. Warm-ups, presentations and entertainment that occurs pre and post-game is not considered to be part of the sporting fixture.

    The offence does not apply to a sporting fixture scheduled to take place over a period exceeding four hours or that takes place on multiple days.

    Advertisements, to the extent that they are published on the internet or in a premises which people attend specifically to gamble (e.g. a hotel, registered club, racing club or TAB retail outlet), are also exempt.

    In addition, this offence does not apply to a race as defined in the Betting and Racing Act 1998. This includes a horse race, harness race or greyhound race.

    The offence applies to any person who publishes the prohibited advertising, including a wagering operator, broadcaster, commentator or any other person.

    Further information on this reform, including information on specific types of advertising that are captured by the offence, is contained in the FS3041 In-play gambling advertising fact sheet (PDF, 215KB).