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Review of licence conditions for 14 Newcastle CBD venues

The NSW Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority (the Authority) will review the range of special conditions that have applied to 14 hotels and bars in Newcastle’s CBD since 2008. 
The review will be conducted by barrister Jonathan Horton QC and will give the local community, police, businesses and other groups a chance to have their say.    
The review follows a request to the Authority by the Australian Hotels Association on behalf of the 14 venues to consider revoking or changing some of the conditions. 
Rather than considering this request in isolation, the Authority has appointed Mr Horton to conduct a broader review and consult all relevant stakeholders in the Newcastle community. 
The conditions have been in place for nine years and Newcastle’s CBD has changed considerably in this time.
The terms of reference for the review and a background paper can be found here:

The deadline for written public submissions has been extended to Wednesday, 7 February 2018. Written submissions should be no more than 15 pages, plus attachments.

The Authority has extended this deadline from the original date of 24 January after discovering a technical problem with the email address for receiving submissions.

The problem may have resulted in some submissions not being received. This problem has been resolved.

Anyone who has emailed a submission is advised to check it has been received by calling the Authority on (02) 9995 0402. 
Submissions can be emailed to: