Merits Review of Delegated Decisions

Certain ILGA decisions made under delegation by Department of Industry staff can be subject to a merits review by ILGA. Delegated decisions reviewable by ILGA are an application lodged from 1 February 2016 for the grant or removal of a small bar licence, a producer/wholesaler licence that includes an application for a drink on premises authorisation, a packaged liquor licence requiring a Category A Community Impact Statement (limited to the sale of liquor by telephone, online and other remote means), and an on premises licence relating to a:

  • restaurant with a primary service authorisation
  • karaoke bar
  • catering service
  • vessel.

The Regulation also enables delegated decisions in relation to an application lodged from 1 February 2016 for extended trading for the above licences to permit the sale of liquor after midnight to be reviewed by ILGA.

A $100 fee applies to any other person who has standing to seek a review of a prescribed delegated decision. Under the Gaming and Liquor Administration Act 2007, standing is limited to those persons ​required to be notified of the application and who made a submission in relation to the application.

Please refer to the Merits Review Decisions page for all Merits Review of Delegated Decisions.