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Phising Email Alert

October 07 2015

You may have recently received an email with a subject containing "Document".

These messages may have been sent from compromised accounts.

If you have received an email such as this, do not follow any links in the message and delete the message immediately.

If you have surrendered your details, it is advised to reset you email password.

As always, it pays to be vigilant and scrutinise emails carefully, particularly those claiming urgent / important business, any that ask you to click a link and / supply personal information or "verify" password details.

People issuing these types of attacks are sophisticated enough to determine your name and possibly even sites / services you may use and may even make the message appear to be from someone you know or have communicated with in the past. Always be on the look-out for unexpected messages asking you to do something, particularly any using key emotive triggers such as, 'urgent' 'important' or 'immediately'. If in doubt, please consider calling the supposed sender to confirm legitimacy before clicking a link in an email or check with your IT support provider first.