​Community consultation  


    All new liquor licences call for community consultation.

    This means potential licence holders must alert their community before or within 2 days of lodging their application with the Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority (ILGA).

    The application cannot be considered otherwise.

    Proper community consultation means a potential licence holder must:

    • inform police
    • notify their local council
    • alert all neighbours within a 50 or 100 metre radius, depending on the type of licence​​
    • attach a site notice to their premises so it is easily seen by passers-by. This notice must remain until ILGA makes a decision about the application.

    Community input into licensing decisions

    Anyone can visit the liquor application noticeboardto lodge an online submission about an application that affects their neighbourhood.

    People can also use the noticeboard to check for any current liquor licence application.

    In certain cases, an applicant for a new liquor licence, extended trading hours or variation to an existing licence must prepare a community impact statement (CIS).

    A CIS gives local community members a more formal way to have their say about an impending liquor licence.

    Find details about a specific liquor licence

    The Service NSW licensing system is an online government database that includes details about all NSW liquor licences.

    Anyone can check liquor licence records, including information about the conditions that apply to a particular liquor licence.

    There are also legal conditions that apply to each type of liquor licence.

    You can get more information about these legal conditions at liquor licence conditions.